Field test version: “Tales from Near and Far”

We’ve been developing a story-based mixed-age Sunday school program here at UUCPA. I finally collected nearly all the stories we’ve been using, or will be using, and put them into a small paperback book which I’m publishing using Total cost for each paperback is only $4.02 + shipping — cheap! — so I purchased a copy to give to every family that’s enrolled in the program. That way, parents/guardians will have a better idea of what’s going on in the class, be ablet o catch up on stories their kids have missed, and have an opportunity to read these stories to their kids and talk about them together.

This book is a field test version of these stories (most of the stories have appeared on this blog). There are typos, some of the stories are a little rough, the final version will have a guide for parents/guardians. I’m embedding a full preview of the book in this post (the third button from the right puts the preview into full screen mode, so you can read the book comfortably).



If you purchase the book and use it in your congregation, please give me feedback, and tell me what age group you used it with, and in what setting (Sunday school class, children’s chapel, worship service, etc.)