Spring watch

The front page of the sports section of the San Mateo County Times features a big picture from the Giants’ exhibition opener in the cactus league, and there’s almost a full page of baseball coverage inside. Spring — real honest-to-goodness spring, not this year-round flower-laden pseudo-springtime we have to put up with in the Bay area — can’t be far behind.

Personal to Ms. M: Don’t worry, I won’t be wearing black and orange just because I’m living on the Peninsula; I’m still an AL guy.

2 thoughts on “Spring watch

  1. Amy

    Ms. M may see things otherwise, but my view is you get to have an AL and an NL team. So you may wear the black and orange, just not the green and yellow. (And as long as you go with the red, white and blue should the matchup in October be Boston-SF.)

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