Altoid update

If you read this post, you know that I’m upset because evil corporate bean-counters decided it was too expensive to keep putting peppermint oil in Altoids; now they’re just sugar and artificial flavor. I used to rely on Altoids for a hit of peppermint oil to soothe my vocal chords when conducting worship, and this past Sunday, I felt bereft without my peppermint-oil Altoids.

We were in a nearby supermarket tonight, and lo and behold they still had the old-fashioned peppermint-oil Altoids in most of the racks of candy beside the check-out lines. I bought seventeen tins, enough for a two-year’s supply if I limit myself to using them when I preach.

Now I’m worried that I may have missed some of the check-out lines. I’ll have to go back and see if I can buy still more of the old-fashioned Altoids. And OK, yes, maybe I’m a little obsessed about this.

9 thoughts on “Altoid update

  1. Jean

    um, yeah, dan…obsessed is the word that comes to mind. and I thought i was bad
    buying six tins of Penguin caffeinated mints.

  2. Abs

    I don’t call it obsessed: I call it smart. If you find more,
    can you pick up a few tins for me? I don’t know how I’ll survive
    my migraines without them!

  3. Donald O'Bloggin

    I suspect I can’t eat the new Altoids now. Most artificial mint flavours make Me sneeze, similar to the way mixing types of mint (wintergreen, pepeprmint, spearmint, etc) makes people sneeze.

    I’ll need to look locally to see the state of Altoids, but I suspect I could pop over to Windsor, Ontario and get pure peppermint oil Altoids still.

  4. Administrator

    h sofia — Yeah, the woman behind me in line did look at me a little funny. The cashier didn’t even blink, though — just imagine all the crazy things she sees each day.

    James — Fisherman’s Friend has menthol, not peppermint oil; different effect. Thanks for the thought, though.

    Jean — Penguin “mints” don’t even have peppermint oil in them. Pfeh.

    Abs — Boy, the fact that I even considered (for just a moment) buying some of the precious classic Altoids for you must mean that you’re one of my two favorite sisters.

    Donald — The new Altoids taste bland and a little chemical-ly — so yes, best to stay away. As for Windsor, Ontario, good luck but Wrigley (new owner of Altoids) has reputedly moved all manufacture to the United States. Alas, all Altoids will soon be equally yucky.

  5. Jean

    hey…don’t pfeh my Penguins. they’re really yummy

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