Nothing better

I’ve got nothing better to do
than stare out the window:
the gray clouds not moving,
the planes landing at SFO,
the cherry blossoms waving in the wind,
the rooftops doing nothing.

I’ve got nothing better to do
than to listen to nothing:
a stereo booming in a car stopped out front,
a clock keeping Eastern Standard Time,
a computer fan whirring,
a crow idly cawing about nothing in particular.

Nothing better to do
than nothing.

5 thoughts on “Nothing better

  1. Ms. M

    golly, I could use your help cleaning some windows…then we could watch the planes at OAK…

    see you sometime? soon? ish?

  2. Dan

    Cleaning windows — pffeh. Watching planes at OAK sounds pretty good, though. Maybe you and Katie and I should have a “professional lunch.”

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