It’s curious, but not strong

Now that the Altoids brand has been sold to Wrigley, it seems Wrigley is tinkering with the ingredients. Altoids peppermint-flavored mints used to contain sugar, oil of peppermint, gum arabic, gelatin, corn syrup. Now Altoids contain sugar, gum arabic, artificial flavor, oil of peppermint, gelatin, glucose syrup. Note that there is now more artificial flavor than there is peppermint oil.

They no longer taste “curiously strong,” they just taste like any old bland mint. The change occurred at least as long ago as April, according to this blog entry. Apparently, the supplier in this area had a big supply of the old ones on hand, for it was just this week that I wound up buying the new, curiously bland Altoids.

Why would I bother mentioning this trivial fact on a blog that is devoted mostly to religion? Well, the old Altoids had a large amount of peppermint oil in them. Peppermint oil helps soothe vocal chords; I’ve heard of shape-note singers who carry around a little bottle of food-grade oil of peppermint, and during long singing sessions they periodically place a drop of the oil on their tongues to keep their voices in good shape. As a preacher, I too have used peppermint oil to keep my voice in good shape, but rather than carry around a bottle of peppermint oil I used to carry around peppermint Altoids.

But now there is so little peppermint oil in Altoids, it just isn’t worth it. I won’t bother complaining to Wrigley’s:– most customers won’t care or even notice a difference, and their bottom line will improve because peppermint oil is expensive.

Guess I’ll have to follow the lead of the shape-note singers, and go get a little bottle of peppermint oil.

More news about Altoids here.

6 thoughts on “It’s curious, but not strong

  1. Abs

    thanks for clueing me in to the Wrigley take-over; I’ve been
    using Altoids for another purpose, to quell the nausea that
    accompanies my many migraines. no wonder it doesn’t work any

  2. UU Jester

    Is it just me,
    or do I read,
    underneath your tragic words about a breath mint that has “misplaced” a core ingredient,
    an analogy for something else?

    Could just be me.

    I’m analogy-happy that way.

  3. JH

    Hmm. I like Penguin brand caffeinated cinamons. Comes in other flavors too.
    Including peppermint. Imagine the sermons from THOSE!
    (She says, after having had a mouthful of Penguins…)

  4. Administrator

    UUJester — Nope, no analogy this time. Guess you probably are analogy-happy.

    Scott — Well, I was going somewhere else, but the somewhere else I was going was the direction of unrestrained anger at thoughtless trans-national corporations that no longer see themselves as providing something that help humanity in exchange for some profit, and instead see themselves as solely providing profit for themselves. But I held off on the tirade on selfishness and greed — for now, anyway.

    JH — Hoo boy, the last thing I need is more caffeine in my body. Hope Scott is right, and a smaller mint-maker will step into the void.

  5. Scott Wells

    I bought a red tin of Altoids with the old formulation last night at a busy CVS. I noted it was the wintergreen they had had the new formultion — hardly a wonder since most oil of wintergreen is synthesized anyway.

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