Duties of the household gods

What is the responsibility of the household gods in this day and age? We lived in one house where bread rose better than in any other house we have lived, and when apple cider fermented it was always perfectly dry and fizzy; I credited the household gods for that. Since then, we bought a bread machine, and all the apple cider is pasteurized now so it won’t ferment properly. So what do the household gods do now?

6 thoughts on “Duties of the household gods

  1. MadGastronomer

    My household gods help me find things I lose (like glasses, keys, and remotes), try (and often fail) to keep the cats using the litterboxes, keep the sourdough starter happy, and keep the place feeling like home even when it’s a mess.

  2. Abs

    My household gods aim the sunshine towards the clean corners of the house, not the dusty ones. They also keep the woodstove running perfectly – the only woodstove I’ve ever known that doesn’t backdraft (unless as a result of human error).

  3. Dan

    MadGastronomer @ 1 — Cats. of course they have something to do with cats.

    Jean @ 3 — Don’t you remember mom talking about “household gods”? They’re a part of the Western cultural inheritance, descendants of the Lares of ancient Rome.

    E and Abby — I think your homes have much nicer household gods than some of the places I’ve lived in.

  4. Jean

    No, I don’t remember that at all. Mom said that?? Wow. As far as “western cultural inheritance,” well apparently I didn’t inherit this at all.

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