The good dinner phenomenon

Carol and I have noticed this phenomenon many times in the past: I just get back from eating a huge Christmas dinner with some friends — pot roast, Yorkshire pudding, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, fried sweet potatoes, stollen, cookies — and even though I thought I couldn’t eat another bite while I was there, as soon as I got home I felt hungry and ate an apple. Is it merely that we associate arriving home with eating something? I don’t know, but I’m going to go make a jelly sandwich to eat with my tea.

3 thoughts on “The good dinner phenomenon

  1. Bill Baar

    I think there is something biological going on…your stomach gets stretched and just demands more. We usually host these dinners so I find the work of putting them on wears me out and I end up eating less… plenty of leftovers this AM though. We’re having pancakes and ham…shoveled out the driveway so the future-son-in-law could leave for work selling guitars this AM. Hopefully a rush of kids with Christmas bucks dreaming of being Jimi Hendrix.

  2. Dan

    Bill @ 1 — I’m going to your house for breakfast — oh rats, you’re two hours behind us, you’re already done eating.

    And what’s this about a future son-in-law? I can’t believe your daughters could be that old already.

  3. Jean

    Possible causes:
    1 – tapeworm
    2 – indigestion
    3 – two tapeworms
    4 – you’re Dan
    5 – and you’ve always eaten a LOT

    Merry Christmas from Indiana, where you just missed our Day After Christmas Pizza Deluxe!

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