What Mexico City and Washington D.C. have in common…

…both cities have voted to legalize same-sex marriage. The BBC reports on the Mexico City vote… and UU World magazine reports that Washington’s mayor signed the bill at All Souls Unitarian Universalist church. (And yes, the Washington vote has to be approved by Congress, so don’t go counting any chickens. In a comment, Scott Wells says I’ve got the process wrong — and Scott sounds hopeful that this might go through!)

4 thoughts on “What Mexico City and Washington D.C. have in common…

  1. Amy

    Really. That’s a relief. I thought for sure it was doomed.

    BTW, this is another moment for the Democrats to show that they actually want universal suffrage. I notice that with a Democratic Senate, House, and White House, they’re still not giving DC residents some representation to go with their taxation. Hmmmm.

  2. E

    There is some active lobbying to get Congress to object, so pay attention. There is also local commentary about how Mayor Fenty inappropriately showed preference to one church over another by signing it in a church (a certain other local church has been reported as saying that this will mean it can no longer offer various charitable services in the District).

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