Waiting for winter

After the rain we had in October, little green plants started springing up in all kinds of places. In front of our house, the ground between the sidewalk and the road turned from barren beaten-down earth to little delicate green plants in the days after the rainstorms. In our front garden, the fennel roots put out fuzzy little green leaves a couple of inches long. Along the railroad tracks, a few green shoots started showing in among the golden brown stalks from last winter’s now-dead plants.

We haven’t had any significant rain since then. Those little green plants have gotten a little larger, but not by much. There they sit, waiting for the next big rain storm so they can grow a little larger.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for winter

  1. kim

    Jean — I found it shocking that winter would be brown and summer green in other parts of the country. I’m so used to green winters and golden summers.
    Someday I intend to paint a “California Four Seasons”: Winter green, February flowers, May summer, July Summer fog, September golden summer(with the smell of tarweed), November first rains. Except, the seasons here are really by smell rather than visual.

  2. Dan

    kim @ 2 — You have to do those paintings. I think I’ve heard you mention/write about them twice before. No more excuses. As for the smell, maybe you could put a scratch-n-sniff thing in the paintings? No? Yeah, I guess it’s a bad idea.

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