Another evil spam attack

I just spent half an hour cleaning up after a serious comment spam attack. Unfortunately, that means I’m going to have to leave the comments form turned off for a couple of days while I try to track down a security patch for this problem. If you have a comment, please send it to me via email and I will post it for you.

One hour later

I have now installed two spam plug-ins for my blog software, the highly-recommended “Akismet” and “Bad Behavior.” (I should have installed these months ago, but my spam volume has been so low that I just didn’t bother.) So I am going to re-open the comments, and hope these two plug-ins solve the problem.

2 thoughts on “Another evil spam attack

  1. Abs

    I’ve been noticing an increase in spam, too; could you tell me
    more about how to get those plug-ins?


  2. Administrator

    Abs — Your blog uses WordPress, and Akismet comes with WordPress. Go to “Plugins,” click on Akismet and follow the insturctions on how to activiate it.

    “Bad Behavior” works for a variety of applications. You can download it from the following location:

    That site gives full insturctions on how to upload Bad Behavior to WordPress and other blogs.

    For what it’s worth, since I installed it 15 hours ago, Akismet has caught 128 bits of comment spam — and that’s the comment spam which made it past Bad Behavior. Comment spam is a serious problem right now!!

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