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Shawn Anthony of the blog LoFi Tribe and a leadership collective have officially launched a portal for religious blogs this week called The Daily Scribe. The Scribe aims to feature well-written religion blogs from a variety of religious traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, and more. The Scribe features short excerpts of every post from each member blog — if an excerpt catches your interest, you can follow the link to read the full post. Soon to come: a podcast featuring several religion bloggers discussing a single topic. (Full disclosure: my blog is one of the member blogs on Scribe.)

The Scribe also features one blog each week. This week, it’s Jonny Baker’s blog — I’ve been reading and admiring Baker’s online writings about alternative worship for some years, and was pleased to discover he now has a blog. I’m hoping the the Scribe will lead me to more pleasant discoveries in the world of religious blogging.

Daily Scribe still adding blogs, but so far I see a definite bias towards a liberal religious attitude — members of the leadership collective are affiliated with the Religious Society of Friends, the Unite Church of Christ, emergent Christianity, and the Unitarian Universalist Association. All in all, if you’re interested in liberal religion, this is a site worth taking a look at.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Scribe

  1. Abs

    If you have any influence on this new blog (which sounds terrific, by the way), you might want to mention to them that their blog is too wide for a typical screen. Which means, of course, that the reader must keep scrolling back and forth in order to see all text, pictures, etc. (This is one of my pet peeves, otherwise I wouldn\’t mention it!)

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