Never too late…

If you missed Pee on Earth Day on Wednesday (as I did), don’t despair! My partner Carol says it’s not too late, because really any day can be Pee on Earth Day. In fact, she writes…

Our official Pee On Earth celebration will take place in three weeks or so next to a beautiful cove in Cotuit, Mass. on Cape Cod.

Pee On Earth Day is a a day to step into your place in the cycle to return nutrients to the earth where plants can use them. A time to put aside our society’s overwrought aversion to this usually pathogen-free human excretion, which is simply the proteins our bodies didn’t use. Put it to work to grow food, fuel, and fiber. Did you know that if we recycled even half of the nitrogen in this country’s urine to grow certain crops on brownfields, we could supply a good portion of our nation’s fuel needs? Think peace.

Here’s how to observe Pee On Earth Day any day of the year:

–Urinate directly onto well-mulched soil, preferably around a tree or hearty plant. But grass is fine.
–Urinate into a container and pour the urine around trees, shrubs and gardens
–Urinate into a container, dilute it with 8 parts water and pour it into a houseplant
–Pour urine onto a pile of leaves or woodchips destined to become soil
–Pour urine into a composter filled with lots of carbonaceous material, such as brown grass.

There will be no lingering odor, especially if the urine is directed to aerated soil with leaves or mulch on top, and likely won’t in any other case. When in doubt, scratch up the soil with your heel to get some air into it before applying urine.

There is no health risk if you come in contact with your own urine. You can’t give yourself a disease that you don’t already have. (However, if you have hepatitis C or leptospirosis, I have different directions for you.)

Happy Pee On Earth Day!

Love, Carol

Me, I’m looking forward to the official Pee on Earth Day celebration in three weeks….

2 thoughts on “Never too late…

  1. Scott Wells

    I didn’t know Carol knew the Malcolm Wells! (No relation.)

    Of course, in my neighborhood, the situation (and problem) is that every day is Pee in Alleys Day.

  2. Administrator

    Here in New Bedford, we have “Pee on the Pedestrian Overpass Day” every day of the year. Sigh.

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