Eat your vegetables

I got fresh locally grown rhubarb on Friday. Cooked up a big pot of it. Put some local honey in it, but not too much because I kind of like the bitter taste. Had stewed rhubarb on toast for breakfast today. Had a rhubarb sandwich for lunch. Had chilled rhubarb for a midafternoon snack today when the temperature got up to eighty-five. And I feel virtuous about eating what seems like a dessert three times today. Because rhubarb is really a vegetable. I’m just eating my vegetables.

2 thoughts on “Eat your vegetables

  1. Jean

    Rhubarb on toast for breakfast? We must be related: yesterday I ate brussel sprouts and mushrooms (cold)
    for breakfast. But I don’t know, Dan: three meals of rhubarb in one day…um…that’s a LOT of fiber.
    Good luck with that …. :-> !

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