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Just got off the phone… I was talking with Susanna Whitman, the Growth Services Administrator at the Unitarian Universalist Association. I needed to order a big outdoor banner saying “Marriage Is a Civil Right,” which Susanna’s office handles, but in the process of ordering it we got to talking about church growth. Susanna pointed me in the direction of several great resources:

New Congregation and Growth Resources has links to dozens of resources.

Large Congregations Library is a new page of short articles on growth topics. Susanna pointed out that even though I’m in a small church, many of these articles are relevant to our needs, too.

Religious Hospitality is a new pamphlet written for lay leaders. Loosley based on the book Radical Hospitality, it offers a religious rationale for why we should welcome people into our congregations.

1 thought on “Resources for growth

  1. Bill Baar

    You really think marriage is a civil right? In Illinios it’s illegal for first
    cousins to marry before age 51. You think that’s a civil right?

    Utah’s Supreme Court just ruled against polygamy again. I don’t buy off on poly marriage as a civli right

    I would favor monogamous same sex marriages. But I don’t think marriage is a civil right by
    a long shot. It’s relationship properly defined by legislatures.

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