Around the world with Hosea Ballou

The Treatise on Atonement typing project is now a world-wide effort. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I’m trying to get the classic Universalist book by Hosea Ballou, the 1805 Treatise on Atonement, typed and put up on the Web as a searchable electronic text. The project is about one fifth complete by now (fifty pages from the original 250 pages [Link]). With the addition of an Australian typist, this is no longer a United States project!

Thanks to the current typists:

Russell in New South Wales, Australia
Steve in South Carolina, United States
Scott in District of Columbia, United States
Dan in Massachusetts, United States

Why don’t you help type, too? You commit to typing 10-11 pages of the original, one to two hour’s worth of typing for a touch typist. You’ll get credit as a typist on the online version, plus the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made Universalism widely available to a new generation of religious seekers. All you have to do is send me email at danrharperATaolDOT com, giving your postal address — I mail you photocopied pages — you type, and send me the electronic text — I put them up on the Web site. It’s as simple as that!

(Umm, not to promote competition or anything, but so far only men have volunteered to type… just pointing that out….)

11 thoughts on “Around the world with Hosea Ballou

  1. Administrator

    Paul — After consulting with a nubmer of people who use OCR, I concluded that I don’t want to go through the correction phase. In particular, Scott Wells has done lots of conversion of printed texts into electronic texts, and his experience has been that a touch typist can type the text in just about as fast as you can scan and correct.

    Now if you volunteer to type, and you prefer to use OCR and do careful correction, I’ll never know the difference. Just because I like tough typing doesn’t mean everyone will!

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  3. Scott Wells

    So Dan, will you be taking on the role of assignment editor? I’ll soon be done with part 1, chapter 3 and would like to type more but don’t want to overlap another’s portion.

  4. Administrator

    Scott — Your next assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be to type the second-to-last chapter. In my edition, it is in Part III “Consequences of Atonement to Mankind,” the second chapter in that part, titled “Objections.” The first paragraph begins, “One of the objections on which the enemies of universal holiness and happiness put much dependence, and which they frequently urgae against the doctrine, is stated from the force of unlimited words, as they find a few of them in Scripture applied to the misery of the wicked….”

    By the way, I’ve tried to send you email twice, but it keeps getting kicked back by your server. Just so you know….

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