6 thoughts on “Paul Krugman was at the world science fiction convention in Montreal yesterday?…

  1. Chalicechivk

    Indeed he was. He gave a great talk in which he mentioned that Asimov’s “Foundations” Trilogy inspired him to go into Economics.

  2. Dan

    CC — Are you there??! I’m very jealous. (And yeah, the connection between Krugman’s work and the Seldon Plan should’ve been obvious.)

  3. Chalicechivk

    I am. It has been a great con. I got to hang out with lots of cool writers and talk about writing. Met with an editor this morning and talked about a project I’m working on. Meanwhile, my husband ran around playing games and hanging out at the parties.

    A good time has been had by all.

  4. Dan

    CC @ 3 — Shoulda known you’re a fan, and an sf/f emerging writer.

    Jean @ 4 — Worldcon — it’s like the annual MLA conention for science fiction fans, only fun.

    Jeremiah @ 5 — It’s interesting to think of the world “confluence” applied to science fiction fandom.

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