We’re at a rest area somewhere in upstate New York. The landscape is flat. I just heard a train whistle. The traffic whines past on the nearby interstate.

A bright yellow Volkswagen an, dating from about 1970, just drove out of the rest area.Bicycles on the back, a man and a woman in the front. She had an expressive face, was wearing purple pants, and had frizzy hair. He was obvously the calm, conservative one in the relationship, and was wearing a ball cap, a dark t-shirt, and conservative shorts, like a lawyer on vacation. I’ll bet the Volkswagen van belongs to her. He was also the only black man in the rest area.

Carol guesses that they are from New York City, headed out of the city for some time off.

5 thoughts on “Driving

  1. Dan

    Ms. M @ 1 — On the 14th, if not sooner!

    Jean @ 2 — Could have been, except for the New York plates. And for all we know, they were from upstate New York. But it’s fun to jump to conclusions.

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