Fireworks and egotism

The city of New Bedford didn’t have money for fireworks on Independence Day this year. Which they only announced a week before July 4. Within a week, mayor Scott Lang announced that some local people and businesses had donated money for a fireworks display, He put the money into a fund he named the Lang Community Fund, thus proving that politicians, like preachers, are prone to egotism.

By the time the Lang Community Fund had been established, July 4th had come and gone. So the city decided to have the fireworks tonight. Having no need to witness a display of egotism, I decided not to walk down to the waterfront so I could watch the fireworks display. I stayed in the apartment, doing some final cleaning.

But I couldn’t escape. With the first boom of the fireworks, the car alarm on the fancy-schmancy car parked right outside our apartment went off. The car alarm said, “Hear me, I’m important, this car is expensive!”. It continued to go off periodically during the forty minute fireworks display, a sort of egotistical echo.

3 thoughts on “Fireworks and egotism

  1. Mr. Crankypants

    Mr. Crankypants simply abhors car alarms, but he thinks you shouldn’t complain about the fireworks.

  2. M. Merde-Merde

    Sometimes, M. Cranky Pants, it is *right* to complain about the fireworks. Feh. Displays of the boom boom? The fizzfizz? So very crass. I, M. Merde-Merde, prefer a nice Bordeaux and some lovely cheese. A lot of cheese. And then I go outside and make my own boom-boom. Take that, fancy car alarm….fffffffffffpppppppppppppp

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