Video postcard: The California Zephyr

A video postcard filmed on board Amtrak’s train no. 6, the California Zephyr. The postcard is of the segment of the trip from Green River, Utah, to Denver, Colorado.

Some background information as you watch the video:

  • Ruby Canyon is a beautiful red-rock canyon near Green River.
  • Glenwood Springs (photos of Amtrak locomotive and train) is a pretty resort town in the mountains. As its name implies, it boasts hot springs.
  • Glenwood Canyon carries both the railroad and Interstate 70 (the bridges and roads you see in this stretch are I-70).
  • The only way in to Gore Canyon is by rail or raft. The rafters like to moon the trains.
  • As the train passes into the Moffat Tunnel, what you see is the infrastructure for the Winter Park Ski Resort.
  • The Moffat Tunnel is 6.2 miles long.
  • The “Big Ten Curve” goes through 270 degrees, giving a sweeping panorama of the sunset sky as the train slowly negotiates the turn.
  • Denver’s Union Station has been beautifully restored. Today, unfortunately, only two trains a day use the station (plus a few weekend ski trains in season).

More about the California Zephyr on Wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “Video postcard: The California Zephyr

  1. Dad

    Wonderful scenic views! Riding a train is the best way to go through the Rockies. Wish I had been there.
    A great way to relax after GA. See you on Sunday

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