Binging on writing

I have spent the last few days binging on writing, trying to meet a self-imposed deadline on a big writing project. I have been writing in every spare moment (except those few spare moments when I was reading). I am going to miss my self-imposed deadline by a few days, but it has been an entirely delightful process: writing, revising, rewriting, and now proofreading and doing the final polishing. Tomorrow I get to start work on the index, something I am really looking forward to.

And what will be the final result? — a book-length project that perhaps only a dozen people will ever bother to read. Funnily enough, I have not been adversely affected by the thought of the small size of my expected readership. The dozen people who will read this book-length project will really care about the subject, and what I’ve written is reasonably well-crafted and well-structured. Above all, the process has been thoroughly enjoyable, from the initial conception right through the final revision. I guess I just like to write.

3 thoughts on “Binging on writing

  1. Jean

    Make that 13 readers. I want a copy!!!
    Love, Jean
    PS yes: writing is fun, fun, fun. I’m having a similar writing binge these weeks and kind of love it too

  2. Dad

    Make that 14 readers. Other UU’s probably will be interested, if they are made aware of it. (Beacon Press, UU World)

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