Broken Rule

Will Shetterly posted a link to “13 Tips For Actually Getting Some Writing Done.” So I had to go read it.

Here’s the rule I consistently break:

“3. Don’t binge on writing. Staying up all night, not leaving your house for days, abandoning all other priorities in your life — these habits lead to burn-out.”

OK, I don’t stay up all night, and I do leave the house, but I have been putting in way too much time on this book project I’m trying to finish. Thankfully, it’s almost done. It will be done by Friday. Then I will get back to normal. Whatever “normal” is.

5 thoughts on “Broken Rule

  1. Jean

    “Don’t binge” on writing? On reading? Good grief. That’s what writers DO. For heaven’s sake. That doesn’t lead to burn out. Not in my experience, anyway. I mean…hmm…here I am at a writer’s residency, two weeks of, well, writing and reading binge. These two weeks will keep me going for quite a while. Should you try this at home? Absolutely. So Rule #3 needs to get chucked out the window, in my opinion.

  2. will shetterly

    I have my doubts about #3 also. It’s on my list of things that would be perfect, if only humans were different.

  3. Jean

    Yay! Writing and reading marathons (binge sounds too diagnostically critical somehow) are good things for the soul. I suppose like any marathoner, you have to train for the marathon, do the marathon, then rest up before the next one. Onward…

  4. Dan

    Jean and will — I’m with you both. Here I am binging on writing, and it is so much fun. It’s enough to make me wish that I was a full-time writer like the two of you.

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