I just got back from visiting a friend in Washington, D.C. Flowers are in bloom everywhere in D.C., it was warm, and the air was full of pollen. Yet I had relatively few problems with allergies.

Then I got back to New Bedford, where it is cool, and not so many things are in bloom. And my allergies got much worse. My allergies have never been worse than while living in New Bedford. I’ve decided that my body does not like the damp, moist climate that you get living right next to the ocean; nor does it like the inevitable mold that you get in the old buildings that make up New Bedford.

I will miss many things about New Bedford when we leave here at the end of July, but I will not miss the allergens.

3 thoughts on “Allergens

  1. Abs

    It’s a good thing for your lungs that you’re moving away from the mold – I’ve been worrying about you and mold for a while now.
    Come visit sunny, moldless Acton sometime before you take off for CA, ok?

  2. Jean

    I’d say come visit sunny, moldfree Indiana…um…but…well. We could meet in Ohio, maybe?

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