Too mellow

Dear me, what’s a cranky person to do?

Mr. Crankypants is not feeling very cranky. Much to his dismay, Mr. Crankypants is feeling decidedly upbeat.

It’s all the fault of that foul phenomenon known as General Assembly. For what is supposed to be a big denominational business meeting, General Assembly sure made Mr. Crankpants feel — well, uplifted and hopeful.

Usually, General Assembly makes Mr. Crankypants feel mean and nasty. Amazed, at how Unitarian Universalists can argue endlessly about totally trivial matters. In the past, Mr. Crankypants has come home from General Assembly feeling so mean and nasty, that the meanness and nastiness lasted for an entire year.

This year, what with Elaine Pagels’s lecture, and some good sermons, and several good workshops, Mr. Crankypants came home feeling mellow and relaxed, and generally hopeful about the future of Unitarian Universalism. This was a novel feeling indeed.

Cranky people do not like to feel mellow, relaxed, and hopeful. It makes us feel as though we’re losing our edge. It’s enough to make Mr. Crankypants watch the television news… watching that mind-numbing drivel will surely bring on the crankiness again… enough of this stupid blog, hand me the remote!