Goodbye, April. Hello, May.

The month of April was a little too full of events. Carol’s mom a month and a day ago, and we had her memorial service in early April. I resigned from the New Bedford church at the beginning of the month, in order to become the minister of religious education at the Palo Alto, Calif., church. I came down with a nasty gastro-intestinal virus from which it has taken me weeks to recover.

It is my firm belief that no month should contain more than one big life event. I’m looking forward to May, in the hope that it will contain no big life events.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, April. Hello, May.

  1. Sally

    I did not follow your blog that you are moving to Palo Alto. I am there occasionally for work so please let me know your forwarding info.

  2. Lyn C

    So much transition! Warm, sympathetic thoughts to you and Carol. Safe passage on your move back to California. Be well.

  3. Marden Seavey

    I found your blog from links about Rebecca Parker, and liked your summary of her Proverbs of Ashes book. We heard her speak last evening at the NNED/UUA district meeting in North Conway, NH, and she was fascinating and terrific. I’m a member (and treasurer) of the UU church in Norway, Maine, with a long history of Universalism. Good luck to you in May!

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