Spring watch

When I got to the church this morning, I was already feeling slow and groggy. I said hello to Linda, the church administrator, then said, “How are your allergies this morning?”

“Horrible!” she said. “It feels like there’s a little man in there (she pointed to her sinuses) trying to push my eyeballs out.”

“It’s really bad, isn’t it?” I said. “I can barely breathe.”

“It was those two warm days,” she said. “Every tree decided it’s the time to get rid of their pollen all at once.”

Warm spring days may be nice and all — but right now I’m longing for a nice cold snap, followed by a cold, heavy rain.

3 thoughts on “Spring watch

  1. Jean

    You may get your wish. It’s raining here (Indiana) and colder. But for what it’s worth, the rain has made all the mold bloom. It’s much worse than pollen for allergies!!!

  2. E

    You’ll get that soon enough. Yesterday it was 90F. Today it is high 50s. Alas, much of the rain is again passing us to the north and west of DC. I continue to believe that it is the hot air we generate inside the Beltway that generates the series of high pressure systems keeping us in drought.

  3. Jean

    …to extend the metaphor: we got three inches of rain in Indiana today. No wonder we’re called the “rust belt.”

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