Changing times

We had a pretty good turnout for the worship service this morning — close to thirty people, which is good for us in the summer! — including three newcomers and a visitor. I’d like to think we had higher attendance because I was preaching, but I doubt it. For the past few years in the various congregations I’ve served, I’ve been watching as late summer worship attendance has been rising.

Why is late summer worship attendance rising in liberal congregations? I think there’s a couple of things at work. First of all, school is starting earlier, and worship attendance is often linked to the school schedule.

Secondly, I also believe that these days it’s more likely that people who attend worship services are there because worship is an important part of their lives. Whereas in the past, especially in liberal New England churches, lots of people went to church only because that’s what you were supposed to do — no wonder they didn’t go to worship in the summer, since they weren’t all that excited about being there to begin with.

The old pattern seems to be changing, and nowadays the people who do go to worship services seem to want to keep going year round. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re seeing the end of summer slow-downs in liberal religion.

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    I’ve discovered August is an expensive month. College tuition and substantial high school fees. We stay home Dan and go to church because we can’t afford anything else. Maybe it’s a trend for liberals with almost adult and expensive kids.

    Comment from bill67998 – 9/5/05 5:37 PM

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