Carol gets press coverage…

Carol, my sweetheart and life partner, got some good coverage in an article in yesterday’s Christian Science Monitor titled “Waterless urinals: Cheap. Green. But many think ‘gross’”. She got even more extensive coverage in a March 9 article in the Lowell Sun “Making the Most of Human Waste” (I was sitting there while she was doing the phone interview, and it’s interesting to see what made it innto the article and what didn’t).

Thank you for indulging me while I brag about Carol.

2 thoughts on “Carol gets press coverage…

  1. Martin Voelker

    My wife did her doctorate at the Swiss Institute for Water Research near Zurich (EAWAG). Three years ago they built a new headquarters which is zero energy. They also have sit down toilets that separate the urine so that it doesn’t get into the water.

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