4 thoughts on “Hymn-singing advice

  1. Adam Snider

    What’s wrong with “Spirit of Life?” I kind of like it (though, I’m new to UU), if only because it’s one of the few hymns that is sung frequently enough that I actually know the words.

  2. Dan

    Adam @ 1 — I kinda liked it the first fifty times I sang it. I was not so impressed the next fifty times I sang it. Now I just don’t want to sing it any more. So it’s not a bad song, but it doesn’t wear well. Why doesn’t it wear as well as some other songs? Perhaps because the chord progression is a wee bit boring and a little too repetitive; the second two parts of the three part melodic structure are almost identical, leading to an awkward ABB structure; the high parts sound bombastic if you’re not careful when you’re singing; and the song seems to tempt people to sing it with a breathy voice, which is never good.

  3. Adam Snider

    Dan – It is kind of a boring song, that’s true. And I can definitely see what you’re saying about people being tempted to sing it with a breathy voice. Thankfully, I’ve never heard anyone sing it that way, but I image it wouldn’t be good.

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