Still waiting…

Our technology woes continue. Verizon sent a repair tech out again today, and though he solved one problem he was unable to connect our home phone. Supposedly someone will come out tomorrow. We asked for phone service on August 19, and we’re still waiting.

And my new Mac Mini came today, which I bought so I will have a computer to use when my laptop goes to the repair shop (and after that to have as a backup in case I have another laptop malfunction). It will live in my office at church, and it’s up and running — except that it can’t access the DSL line through the office network. So we will have to call in our church repair tech one more time to fix the network.

I don’t mind being so dependent on technology that I can no longer survive without a computer (in fact I kinda like it). But I do mind being dependent on unreliable networks, or on phone companies that take more than a month to set up phone service.