Cat karma?…

Mina, the cat for whom we’re catsitting, walked in just now and settled down to nibble some kibbles. Without thinking about it, her presence prompted me to check out one of my favorite Web sites, LitterboxCam, which as you might guess is a Web cam that shows two litterboxes and some dishes with kibble and water. While I visit LitterboxCam frequently, I have never actually seen one of the cats who live there. All I’ve ever seen is, well, litterboxes and kibble dishes.

Mina must have good cat karma, because as she sat here nibbling away, I was stunned to see that the image on LitterboxCam actually showed a cat, a grayish Siamese (presumably Marco Polo,) sitting and eating kibble! And as I type this, Mina meows loudly for attention — and there’s another cat on LitterboxCam (Twain, the blond Coon cat)!

Good grief. Two cats on LitterboxCam in four minutes — and wait, Twain is back! Three sightings in five minutes. Unbelievable. Thank you, Mina.

But Mina just walked out of the kitchen, so I’m sure that will be the end of the LitterboxCam sightings for the rest of the evening.

The sad thing is, I think this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me all week.

Later note: Oh–my–God! Mina came back in, I’m scritching her head and she’s purring madly, and sure enough… two cats appear on LitterboxCam! –Twain and a black-and-white cat…. the black-and-white cat has been there now for five whole minutes! Mina, you have total cat karma.

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  1. Administrator

    Within minutes after you posted the above comment, Peacebang, Twain appeared on LitterboxCam. I tried to find your email address to let you know, but it seems to have disappeared when I had to reinstall the OS on my laptop. In fact, as I write this, Twain has now reappeared — oops, he just left. But the LitterboxCam had been hot hot hot tonight, so go check it out!

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