Here’s a photo taken from one of the windows of our apartment about five minutes ago. You’re looking at the lights on the trees outside the Whaling Museum. (You can also just make out the figure of Carol walking down William Street.) We have about six inches of snow so far — but now the snow seems to be tapering off, and mist and fog are mixed in with the snow.

2 thoughts on “Snowstorm

  1. E

    Great photo; thanks for sharing. We were supposed to get snow tomorrow, but it has warmed up. Now we have only rain in the forecast. My arugula, chard, oregano, mint, and cilantro will do well through another storm. The length of the growing season some years here in DC amazes me, as does the contrast in climates a just few hours trainride apart.

  2. Dan

    E — Go ahead, rub it in about how well your garden is doing — my garden got killed off a month ago. Sigh.

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