At night

In the middle of the night, a crash of rain on the skylight awakened me. It sounded so loud and harsh that, dazed by sleep, I was sure the glass in the skylight would break and the water would come pouring in; half-dreaming, I thought about where I’d get plywood to cover the open skylight, and would the landlord repair the glass quickly? Somehow it never occurred to me that if the skylight broke there would be little bits of tempered glass all over the floor: all I could think about was how we would clean up the water that was sure to pour in. The rain squall was soon over, and slowly I calmed down and drifted back to sleep.

5 thoughts on “At night

  1. rolf the dog

    hi owen,

    there weren’t any cats up there because i barked and scared them all away.

    by the way, how do you get the shift key to work. i can’t seem to do it with my paws and i’m wondering if you could tell me how.

    rolf the dog

  2. OWEN

    HI ROLF!
    I use my nose, THAT’s HOW. It’s kind of hard and it takes a LONG time to type and I get Jean’s keyboard slobbery but NOSES work on SHIFT keys.
    PS are you a REAL dog? I have a girlfriend named Wolfeena who lives in Jeans night stand. She doesn’t come out too much cuz when she does I get REALLY EXCITED and Jean worries about that. Are you like Wolfeena? I don’t think she’s real but i still like her A LOT!

  3. rolf the dog

    hi owen,

    i tried using my nose but it hurt.

    p.s. yes, i’m a real dog, but i’m not a meat dog like you, i’m a plush dog. there’s this french poodle that walks by my apartment sometimes and she’s really cute. but she’s a meat dog and i don’t think she’d like me, so i don’t bark at her. do you think i should bark at her.

    your buddy, rolf the dog

  4. OWEN

    You have FRENCH poodles where you live? WOWEEZOW!
    We don’t have that here. We have dogs like Blue Tick Hounds and Walker CoonDogs. THey are nice but they bark a lot.
    I think you should not bark at the French poodle. You might insult her. If it were me I would take my tennis ball and drop it at her feet then wag my tail and smile really big with my tongue hanging out. Try it. Girls REALLY like that.
    it is a lot easier to not use capital letters. i like it better.
    i am going to ask jean if we can live near french poodles.

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