On a busy day

In the course of my job, I sometimes get to do things that might actually make the world very slightly better, in very small ways. I was very busy at work today, and once or twice I might have made the world ever-so-slightly better, so I feel like I actually accomplished something. I came home to eat dinner on the run before I had to head off for an evening meeting, and while I was home I watered the chrysanthemums I planted last week in our tiny little garden. We have had no rain for two weeks, the soil was so dry it was like powder, the plants needed the water.

Of all the many things I did today, watering those flowers was without doubt the best thing I did all day long:– the sun was shining, the air was cool and delightful, and I knew the plants benefited from my actions.

1 thought on “On a busy day

  1. Thomas Perchlik

    Yes. I know exactly what you mean. I have many days in which I do many things some of which might make some difference somewhere, but in my garden I can see the imprint of my work and know it is good. Yesterday I watered the gladiolas, and today one has bloomed; a tall spray of glorious white and gentle pink.

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