State fair

Today, my sister Jean took me to the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. We spent about six hours at the fair. On the drive home again, Jean asked, “What was your favorite part?”

“The chickens,” I said. “I walked down this one aisle of chickens, and one of them went roh-ah-roh-ah-roh, and then another one responded, and then another one, and another one. And then they stopped for a minute, until another one of them started in crowing. What was your favorite part?”

“The Percherons,” Jean immediately responded. We had gone into the draft horse barn to visit the Percherons early in the day, and stayed long enough to see some of the draft horse competitions later in the evening. “But,” added Jean, “I also liked the Shetland sheep. They were so cute, and all fuzzy, with the little feet, just like a cartoon sheep.”

“And we got good Fair junk,” I added.

“Like what?” asked Jean. “What did you get at the fair? I didn’t see you buy anything.”

I reminded her that we had both gotten free Indiana University tote bags at the IU booth;– and that when we stopped at the deep-fried vegetables stand, my large soda had come in a 24 ounce plastic cup emblazoned with the “Dr. Vegetable Deep Fried Veggies” logo on the side.

“Oh, that,” she said. She was just jealous because her 24 ounce plastic cup is boring and merely states “Fresh Squeezed — Ice Cold LEMONADE” on the side.

It was a very satisfying day at the fair.

Percherons at the State Fair

Jean watching one of the excellent horsewomen
at the Ladies Percheron Cart competition at the Indiana State Fair.