Liveblogging from the highway

Sitting here at a highway rest area outside Buffalo, New York, I have a few observations about highway rest areas:

  1. All the rest areas on the New York State Thruway have free wifi. This is good.
  2. Some rest areas no longer have water fountains (it’s as if they’re trying to force you to buy bottled water). This is bad.
  3. The rest area on the Mass Turnpike between I-290 and I-84 has a farmers market on Saturday mornings in season. This is good.
  4. None of the rest areas I have stopped at today have picnic tables — if you bring your own food (as I did), you wind up sitting in your car to eat. This is bad.
  5. My ’93 Toyota Camry got 34.4 miles per gallon. This is good.
  6. At the rest area where I bought gas today, there was a TV over the gas pump, playing some stupid daytime TV show. This is bad.

1 thought on “Liveblogging from the highway

  1. Jean

    Ah. Wait until you get to the lovely Midwest. Picnic tables at all the rest stops. Water fountains, pure cold beautiful water. No tvs above your gas pump. Amish Farmers’ markets — with really really good produce because the fertilizer is really really good poo. And your sister’s car which gets 42 miles per gallon on the highway.
    Here, it is all good.

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