July Twitter

July 01
Dining car: supper with a sculptor, breakfast with retired military, lunch with a homeschooling mom. | 12:24 PM

July 02
In front of the Air & Space museum: a boy flies a paper airplane. His dad isn’t interested. They go into the museum. | 12:12 PM
On the Mall: plump tourists wearing pastels and big sun hats dragging bored, hot children. | 12:13 PM

July 03
Anxious young woman on a cell phone. Then she relaxes, smiles, waves. A young man walks up. They go to get lunch. | 12:19 PM

July 04
Driving north from New Bedford: fireworks over the trees on the right and left, and straight ahead. | 08:20 PM

July 06
Fog rolling in off the Atlantic. I hear other people, but all I see is sand, waves, a few gulls. | 06:08 PM
Now the fog has lifted… … …now it has come in again… | 06:52 PM

July 14
Moon through clouds and the whine of mosqitos. | 11:23 PM

July 19: Podcamp Boston 3
So far, lots more Macs than any other laptop. | 08:01 AM
“Enable your superpowers,” says Chris Penn. I.e., learn how to use new media. | 08:42 AM
David Tames: “Part of filmmaking art is figuring out when the ego needs to be put on hold and collaboate with other people.” | 10:54 AM

July 20: Podcamp Boston 3
Looks like Podcamp has already clogged up the wifi in the conference center. | 01:09 PM
They’re comparing Seesmic to CB radio… huh. | 12:18 PM
Podcamp was like drinking from a firehose. Overloaded. | 07:54 PM

July 23
A guy changing clothes in the middle of the rest area men’s room. He kinda laughs, says “Sorry…” | 08:50 PM

July 24
Suddenly half a dozen smoke detectors in the neighborhood start going BeepBeepBeep BeepBeepBeep… | 01:18 AM
I take the battery out of our smoke detector. It’s the only way it’ll stop. Humidity? Eerie. | 01:22 AM

July 30
Neon sign: “SHE ATON COMMANDER” – A female monotheistic Pharaoh who’s in charge? 9:12 PM