I just finished with a wedding rehearsal. As a minister, I think wedding rehearsals are a blast — much more fun than the actual wedding. People at a wedding rehearsal tend to be more relaxed and laid back, whereas most everyone gets at least a little bit tense at the actual wedding ceremony. Tonight’s wedding rehearsal was delightfully relaxed; I actually got time to chat with many of the people in the wedding party, and if I knew both Spanish and ASL in addition to English I would have had time to talk to most of the people in the wedding party.

Tomorrow, the actual wedding ceremony will go by in a blur; the only time I’ll get to talk with the bride and groom or anyone in the wedding party is when I tell them where to stand or what to do. Nope, wedding rehearsals are much more fun for ministers than the actual wedding.

1 thought on “Rehearsal

  1. UU Jester

    Couldn’t agree more.
    The rehearsal always takes twice as long as the actual wedding–and I usually enjoy the whole thing. Lots of laughter.
    And people are always grateful after a rehearsal.
    They feel good. Relaxed and reassured.
    Half the time, I can’t get them to leave the church.

    Of course, I had a good teacher for how to do a rehearsal.

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