Podcamp is coming, Podcamp is coming! (online, too)

If you live in New England and are interested in new media and social media, don’t forget that Podcamp Boston 3 is coming up July 19-20. I attended last year’s Podcamp Boston, and found it incredibly helpful, so I will be attending both days this year.

If you’re someone using new media to spread the word about Unitarian Universalism, and live outside convenient commuting distance from Boston, I would be happy to offer you a place to sleep Saturday night.

And for those of you who can’t make it July 19-20, and/or if you’re new to using new media, don’t miss Podcamp’s online “Podcamp University.” The Podcamp organizers write:

We’re rolling out, in concert with premium sponsor mDialog, a preconference channel that will have a lot of the “101”, introductory level sessions that have been offered at PodCamps around the world….


The idea behind this is to let everyone enjoy the 101, introductory sessions at home or work in advance of the conference, answer a lot of the basic questions that people new to social media might have, and help make PodCamp less of a “broadcast” conference and more of an interactive discussion….

Thus you have no excuse for missing Podcamp, because you can choose either online or in person or both!