Update on the Little Red Book story

UMass Dartmouth professors have alleged that a student was approached by federal officials after requesting Mao’s Little Red Book through interlibrary loan (my original post is here).

The New Bedford Standard-Times has an update of the story online here. The lead for the Standard-Times article plays up the fact that the story they broke has gotten worldwide attention. After seven paragraphs, they finally turn to a Department of Homeland Security official who says, “We’re aware of the claims…. However, the scenario seems unlikely.” Maybe the story is a hoax….

Boing-Boing, a widely-read blog, has been following the story, and in yesterday’s post here there’s an extended quote from an announcement sent out to UMass Dartmouth librarians saying merely that UMass Dartmouth officials are investigating further — as well as a quote from interlibrary loan officials who say, “We do not believe this story is a hoax.” Maybe the story is not a hoax….

6 thoughts on “Update on the Little Red Book story

  1. Bill Baar

    Gung-Ho is a Chinese Communist term used by the US Marines. Robert J. Dalton (LtCol USMC Ret.) brought it to the Marine Corps after spending time with the Red Army in China fighting the Japanese. This site describes it.

    Well, then, what was the intention of the originator of the now famous term, “Gung Ho?”

    For the answer to that we can go to Carlson’s own book, Twin Stars Of China, 1941. Carlson wrote, “The superb fighters of the Chinese Eighth Route Army had studied the Japanese methods, tactics, and psychology for years. They knew intimately the strengths and weaknesses of the Japanese troops.

    Anthing Chines Communist is popular reading among US Military. I suspect we collaborate with Chinise Intelligence now against Islamic Terror.

    I suspect the story a hoax to encourage oppostion to the patriot act. If it’s not a hoax the FBI owes us a big explaination why their wasting time with books that are required reading for anyone interested in fighting modern wars, or for that matter running a modern organization.

    Google the words Gung Ho and you’ll find many management books organized around Mao’s philosophy.

  2. James Field

    Hard to say Dan. With the FBI investigating the Catholic Worker and Food Not Bombs and citing their “communistic ideology” it would not be that surprising to see the Little Red Book thing be real.

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