The creeping crud

They’re calling it “the creeping crud” — the upper respiratory ailment that has afflicted so many people around here this winter. Yesterday I was talking with someone who has the creeping crud, and he said his doctor told him to expect it to last ten to twelve weeks; that is, if you take care of yourself, because if you don’t take care of yourself, the creeping crud creeps right back into your system.

Take me as an example of what the creeping crud can do to someone who doesn’t take care of himself. I came down with a vague upper respiratory ailment at the end of October, which lingered for twelve weeks or so. I finally got rid of it in mid-January — or so I thought — I felt great, got lots of outdoors exercise, cleaned the apartment, and — started overworking again. The creeping crud crept back into my lungs in early February, I developed bronchitis, and eleven weeks later I’m just starting to feel somewhat better.

At First Unitarian, we actually saw a significant dip in attendance in the worship service and in the Sunday school throughout February — that’s how prevalent the creeping crud has been in this part of the world. One of the television news shows claimed in February that half the population of Massachusetts had upper respiratory ailments. Supposedly health care providers are saying this is the worst they’ve ever seen it.

2 thoughts on “The creeping crud

  1. h sofia

    What’s that all about? I’ve heard tell of a “crud” in my neck of the woods, but so far have remained immune (crossing fingers superstitiously). Fortunately, I don’t think it’s been lasting as long as it has been for you folks back east. 24 weeks of crud – that’s nearly half a year!

  2. Jean

    Yuck. We have something like that here in the Midwest, but it’s a sore throat, stuffy head, achy body, raspy cough, vague existential droopiness.

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