What happens when you get to the end of the day, and you haven’t gotten half the things done that you needed to get done? You know the feeling.

Yeah, I know, you’re supposed to be cool about it: hey, it’s not that important if thus and such doesn’t get done, after all you got some important things done.

Or you’re supposed to say: I will be mindful of all the good things in this world, I will be mindful when I do the dishes, and that will keep my mind from jumping around.

But at the end of today, I still haven’t gotten done the things I had hoped to get done: I haven’t paid those bills.

I haven’t answered all the email messages awaiting me. I haven’t cleaned the kitchen, or even done the dishes. I forgot to brush my teeth this morning.

And now it is late, and far past the time I had hoped to go to bed, and I will get up tired in the morning.

That’s what you do, day after day, just hoping that some day something good will come of it. Problem is, mostly when something good does come of it, you’re too tired to notice.