Emergence in Chicago

Two posts about the same worship service at Micah’s Porch, a Unitarian Universalist emerging church/ mission in Chicago:

David Pyle’s account here.

ck’s account here.

In a comment on ck’s blog, I noted that this sound not unlike what Rev. Hank Peirce was doing in the 1990’s with his punk rock worship services, held at a club in the Boston area. Except that Hank wasn’t “preparing to launch a spiritually progressive church,” he was just holding worship service — oh, and the Ramones are not U2.

3 thoughts on “Emergence in Chicago

  1. Comrade Kevin

    Nope. Bono is no Joey Ramone.

    It remains to be seen as to whether this will catch on to any large degree since, as you note, this has been tried before and did not win large popular favor. Perhaps now is the time it will be actively incorporated.

  2. ck

    Dan, the only thing I might disagree with is characterizing it as a “worship service.” Maybe that’s the difference between the earlier attempt and this one? It was more of a mid-week conversation.

    And yeah, while I enjoy Live, “Heaven” is not one of their best. U2 is…pedestrian at best. If you’re gonna get the hipster set, gotta move on to the emo kids or the indie rock.

  3. Dan

    Comrade Kevin @ 1 — Sometime I’m going to use “I Wanna Be Sedated” in a worship service.

    ck @ 2 — Mmm, well, my definition of what constitutes a worship service is pretty loose. But now you bring up that distinction, I actually like the idea of a midweek conversation — I’ll have to ponder that further….

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