So much for winter

The latest news is that some scientists now believe the Arctic ice cap could be completely gone by 2013 (link). And the tropical disease chikungunya has appeared in Europe for the first time ever (link). Seems that in spite of the denials and unscientific pontifications of people like Rush Limbaugh and Georgie Bush, global climate change is real, and it’s happening all around us.

Today in New Bedford, after some snow and seasonal temperatures, the warm weather returned, with temperatures hitting 52 degrees F (11 C). A heavy rain squall has washed away most of the snow. Predictions are that high temperatures will range between 40 and 50 during the week ahead. All this matches the predictions for global warming in this region: snow during the “shoulder seasons” in early December and late spring, while the rest of the winter stays mild.

Right now, it’s 50 degrees and warm rain is pounding on my skylight. This is not the New England I grew up in. It’s kind of depressing.

I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas
‘Cause global warming’s put an end to snow….

5 thoughts on “So much for winter

  1. Christine Robinson

    I don’t think our politicians will do anything without evidence from the people of their willingness to make sacrifices for their planet. What are yours?

  2. Comrade Kevin

    Likewise, I think we may have seen the end of snow altogether down here in the Deep South. Snow was never plentiful here, but we at least received some of it on a semi-regular basis. This would be the ninth year in a row without measurable precipitation.

    Speaking of precipitation as a whole, we are also in the middle of a severe drought which in addition to being the worst ever, will not be alleviated until Spring, as it has been predicted.

  3. Dan

    Christine — You write: “I don’t think our politicians will do anything without evidence from the people of their willingness to make sacrifices for their planet.”

    I was with you up until the word “without.” Politicians in this country are essentially allied with or owned by wealthy interests who have given little or no evidence of wanting to end global climate change — after all, the wealthy have enough money to buy themselves out of the worst effects of climate change. Or let me put it this way — I see no willingness on the part of most U.S. citizens to make any kind of sacrifices for the Iraq War (with the exception of the small minority of families who have loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan) — yet our politicians are perfectly willing to throw billions and trillions of dollars at the war — which leads me to believe that our politicians don’t give two hoots in hell about what you or I think. Not to be cynical or anything….

  4. Stephen Bird

    In northern Europe, much of Finland has had its second consecutive year without a white Christmas. The temperature outside, thirty miles from the south coast, is currently 3.5 Celcius (38F) when we might expect to be from -10C to -15C at this time of year. Last winter (defined as the period when temperatures in any 24 hour period stay below freezing) was only 44 days long – instead of the more usual 120+. It will be interesting to see if this winter will be even shorter if it gets officially started…

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