War? What war?

Over on her blog, Dani has a really nice post on the Iraq War. She talks about how many Americans seem perfectly able to forget the fact that we’re at war:

Thich Naht Hahn has been an author and peace activist that I’ve been reading about a lot lately. I have been practicing mindfulness, and as of yet I have discovered one thing that I realized; I have been quite unaware that we are still in a war. Some discussions in my group of aquaintances or friends have, as of late, the question “We’re still in that war?”

The post continues with some wide-ranging thoughts on the intersection of war, religion, and the individual activist. It’s a little rambling at times, but a passionate and thoughtful post worth reading. Link.

2 thoughts on “War? What war?

  1. JH

    Anyone who knows anyone who is taking part in the war has not forgotten. No matter your thoughts on the rightness or wrongness of this war — and I’ll weigh in saying it’s damn wrong — if someone you love is over there, you think about it every day. I do.

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