Unprovability of Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is as follows: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. But a corollary to Murphy’s Law states that it is impossible to prove Murphy’s Law.

Proof: If anything can go wrong it will go wrong; when you are trying to prove that things go wrong, your proof will go wrong; thus during the proof everything will go right, thus disproving (rather than proving) Murphy’s Law. Q.E.D.

It should therefore also be obvious that any attempt to apply either Murphy’s Law, or this corollary of Murphy’s Law, to religion will result in failure; which in itself has some profound religious implications. (And you thought Kurt Godel’s Unprovability Theorem was mind-blowing when applied to religion….)

2 thoughts on “Unprovability of Murphy’s Law

  1. DadH

    In the engineering world we used to quote Gumperson’s Law, which says: “Murphy was an optimist”

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