“Voices of a Liberal Faith”

In the mail today, our church received one of the best marketing tools I’ve seen in quite a while. The Unitarian Universalist Association has just released a DVD with a ten-minute video called “Voices of a Liberal Faith.” Every Unitarian Universalist congregation received a couple of copies of the DVD, so it should be easy to get a look at it.

The video is definitely worth using. It’s not boring, it’s got high production values, good camera work and editing, so we’ll feel good about having it running on a TV during social hour here in New Bedford. it’s a DVD that’s cheap enough that I’m planning to buy them in bulk so that we can have enough to loan them to newcomers and not worry when some of them never get returned. Full disclosure — I make a brief appearance in the video (mercifully brief; and more mercifully, mostly they don’t show me, they show a bunch of my favorite kids from Ferry Beach) — actually, I would have been more likely to use the DVD if I weren’t in it. The real point is that while I was watching it, I immediately saw how I could use the video to give newcomers a good sense of who we are as a religious faith.

Now comes the real fun:– the “Voices of a Liberal Faith” competition. Quite a few Unitarian Universalist church buildings are shown in the course of this short ten-minute video. How many of those churches can you identify? (I lost count, so I have no idea what the total is.) Next, in how many of those congregations have you attended (or led) worship services? My answer was seven, but I’ll bet some readers of this blog can top that number with ease.

Update: In a comment, Philocrites says: “RealVideo and WindowsMedia versions of the film are now available for online viewing at UUA.org.” Thanks for the tip!

13 thoughts on ““Voices of a Liberal Faith”

  1. UU Jester

    We’ve received the video as well.
    Loved your part and recognized the kids from your posts around that time.
    Thanks for the idea of how to use the DVD. Wonder if there are other ideas.
    (Wish they wouldn’t have listed Jefferson as a Unitarian. Always makes me cringe.)
    I wish the whole video was on YouTube rather than just the 30 second promo piece.
    I’d like to link to it from our website.

  2. Ron

    I wonder how an “emerging congregation” can get a copy of the DVD? I think it would something we could use as well (Summerville, SC).

    UU Jester, I have no problem whatsoever with TJ as a Unitarian. His emphasis on the critically-questioning method–applied even to religion–is, by itself, enough to qualify him. No, he wasn’t perfect, but what he advocated as founding ideals of the new nation still resonate with us today, both in civil society and in religion. I know the purists want to only choose the saints as our UU forebears, but all I’m looking for is inspiration.

  3. kim

    UU Jester– Is your objection to claiming Thomas Jefferson that you don’t like him or that you feel we have no right to claim him?

  4. UU Jester

    I LOVE Jefferson.
    I just resist strongly calling people Unitarians or Universalist who didn’t call themselves that (or didn’t attend or join a U or U congregation.) Many of my friends would be UUs theologically/spiritually– but unless/until they join or start attending a UU congregation, I’m not going to call them UUs.

  5. ms. m

    For me it was a nice treat to see you! And the ol’beach. I think I recognized (and have worked in!) all too many…

  6. Dan

    UU Jester @ 1 — For a great video intro to UUism that’s currently on YouTube, go here:

    Ron @ 2 — I sent my check to Susanna Whitman, Congregational Services, UUA, 25 Beacon St., Boston, MA. One copy will cost you five bucks, but if you buy 25, they’re two bucks each. I just ordered 25. Susanna tells me that orders are coming in thick and fast from congregations and individuals.

    Ms. M @ 6 — As a former UUA staffer, I’ll bet you top me. I know you’ve worshipped or led worship at the Berkeley church, the Oakland church, the San Francisco church, and the Lexington church. I’ll bet you’ve been to Arlington St. Church and King’s Chapel. How about San Mateo (ordinations and installations count as worship services)?

  7. Dan

    Philocrites @ 9 — I moved your link up to the main post. (By the way, how come you come off looking much better in the video than I do?)

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