Some typical entries

New to this blog? Below are links to some typical entries, to give you a taste of what you’ll find here.

About this blog.

Typical entries from 2009:

A true story… about a secret.
Research into the first African American Unitarian minister, which turned into a sermon, and then morphed into a chapter of a forthcoming book on African American Unitarians and Universalists.
A series on small religious education programs, based on a workshop I led.
Claremont Canyon — two photos.
A sample entry from my teaching diary.
My evil alter ego, Mr. Crankypants, takes on Garrison Keillor.

Some typical entries from 2007:

It’s not about belief explains why I’m bored with questions of religious belief.
Autumn food is one of many posts about sense of place and the seasons.
Unprovability of Murphy’s Law is either silly, or random and ultimately pointless.

My videoblog is now inactive, but here are some videos from 2007-2008:

Open source Bible — Bible for geeks and the D-I-Y crowd.
Emerson attack ad — My parody of political attack ads.
Interview with the purple space alien — Just what it says!

Series of posts on one topic:

“Teaching kids how to be religious,” series begins here.
“Guerilla marketing for churches,” series begins here.