“In modern Japanese slang, therefore, an otaku is an enthusiastic fan of any one particular theme, topic, or hobby…. The term otaku used by itself just means “fanatic”. Japanese culture has many other varieties, such as pāsokon otaku (personal computer geeks), gÄ“mu otaku (playing video games)…. the word can be applied to literally anything. Thus, one could have music otaku, martial arts otaku, cooking otaku, train otaku (metrophiles), etc. The word maniakku (from English “maniac”) is sometimes used to indicate someone whose interest is strong, but not obsessive or unhealthy….” –Wikipedia, entry for ‘otaku’, as of 11/15/05

If you were expecting this to be a blog only about religion, you will be disappointed, because while I’m interested in religion, I am not a religion maniakku.

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