Shape note hymns in SLT

Shape note hymns in Singing the Living Tradition

Listings follow this format:
000 Singing the Living Tradition hymn title ~ Tune name in shape note tradition ~ Sacred Harp version as applicable ~ Southern Harmony version as applicable.

References to The Sacred Harp are to the 1991 edition. References and links to The Southern Harmony are to the online 1854 edition. In some cases, I do not yet have a reference to an easily available shape note hymnal.

Note that in the shape note tradition, the tenors carry the melody if it’s a four-part song; the middle part carries the melody in a three-part song. In many cases, the tunes in Singing the Living Tradition have been slightly altered (often not for the better); tunes may vary from one shape note hymnal to another. Generally speaking, the harmonies in Singing the Living Tradition are pallid in comparison to the robust harmonies in the shape note hymnals.

015 The Lone Wild Bird ~ Prospect ~ Sacred Harp p. 30 (four parts) ~ Southern Harmony p. 92 online (three parts, with MIDI).

018 What Wondrous Love ~ Wondrous Love ~ Sacred Harp p. 159 (four parts) ~ Southern Harmony p. 252 online (three parts, with MIDI and live recording).

044 We Sing of Golden Mornings ~ Complainer ~ Sacred Harp p. 141 (four parts) ~ Southern Harmony p. 18 online (three parts, with MIDI).

066 When Summer Sun Is Shining ~ Holy Manna ~ Sacred Harp p. 59 (four part) ~ Southern Harmony p. 103 online (three parts, with MIDI and live recording).

079 No Number Tallies Nature Up ~ Resignation ~ Southern Harmony p. 38 online (three parts, with MIDI and live recording).

094 What Is This Life ~ Devotion ~ Sacred Harp p. 48 (four part) ~ Southern Harmony p. 13 online (three parts, with MIDI).

112 Do You Hear? ~ Foundation ~ Union Harmony, 1837 online with MIDI.

126 Come thou Fount of Every Blessing ~ Nettleton ~ No source yet.

161 Peace, the Perfect Word ~ Charlestown ~ Sacred Harp p. 52 (four part) ~ Southern Harmony p. 23 online (three part, with MIDI).

186 Grieve Not Your Heart ~ Primrose ~ Sacred Harp p. 47 (four part) ~ Southern Harmony p. 3 online (three part, with MIDI).

193 Our Faith Is But a Single Gem ~ Distress ~ Sacred Harp p. 37 (four part) ~ Southern Harmony p. 22 online (three part, with MIDI).

205 Amazing Grace ~ New Britain ~ Sacred Harp p. 45 ~ Southern Harmony p. 8 online (three part, with MIDI and live recording).

213 There’s a Wideness ~ Charlestown, see #161 above.

304 A Fierce Unrest ~ Salvation ~ Southern Harmony p. 84 online (three part, with MIDI).

315 This Old World Is Full of Sorrow ~ Restoration ~ Sacred Harp p. 312 ~ Southern Harmony p. 5 online (three part, with MIDI).

333 Alone She Cuts and Binds the Grain ~ Devotion, see #094 above.

335 Once When My Heart Was Passion Free ~ Primrose, see #186 above.

411 Part in Peace ~ Charlestown, see #161 above.

In addition, there is one tune by William Billings, a prominent shape note composer, in the hymnal:

261 When Jesus Wept

N.B.: SLT attributes #279 By the Waters of Babylon to Billings, but it is actually NOT by him.

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