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Not dead yet

Back when I was an art student, I spent a year when all I did was shoot Polaroid 600 film. I loved (and still love) the color and the depth of the film. But Polaroid film will soon be extinct. First, Polaroid went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Dec. 18, and then this is the last month they’ll make instant film. Of course B&H Photo is still selling some Polaroid film, for now. What to do? You can join Save Polaroid , or Facebook’s save-Polaroid group, or give up and buy a Fuji Instax instant film camera (the film is lots cheaper).

Web site for walkers

They say it’s a Web site for runners, but really it’s a Web site for us walkers. Gmaps Pedometer let’s you calculate your fave walking routes using Google Maps. I used the hybrid satellite/map view at high magnification so I could map out all the little off-street detours I take. (Now I know that our regular walk to Slocum Park in Fairhaven is about 3.2 miles round trip, and our regular walk to the Fairhaven boat ramp is also about 3.2 miles.)

Muppets take on TSA

The new Muppets Christmas special is up on While it’s not one of the best features the Muppets have done, the scene at airport security ranks up with some of their best sketches:– Fozzy Bear tells a stupid joke (“What brings toys to baby sharks?”), but it is against Federal law to tell bad jokes in airport security, so Fozzy gets jumped by half a dozen security guards. Meanwhile, Gonzo — ah, why spoil it for you, go watch it yourself.

Tyranny of structurelessness

jfield passed along a link to a great article titled “The Tyranny of Structurelessness.” It’s a critique of feminist group process that replaced the tyranny of hierarchy with… another kind of tyranny? When I have time to read the article carefully, maybe I’ll find time to write more about it.